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Comments from the author:

This template would work great as a personal site, a blog, or maybe for a small business.

Use your imagination - I dare you.

When you look at the code, you may be a little dissapointed that not only did I use tables, but there are also a few cheap tricks (like a blank h3 for spacing). These are in here because this site is on a code platform I wrote soon after i first learned html. I just didn't feel like chaning much beyond colors, div locations, etc. Obviously you can take these objectional elements out if you seriously have a problem with it.


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Image handling:

This theme comes with pre-set image classes to set border properties, positioning, and margins.

  • right: floats an image to the right and adds a border.
  • right-off: floats an image to the right and adds a border.
  • left: floats an image to the right and adds a border.
  • left-off: floats an image to the right and adds a border.

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